How you can Help

CRPS is, at this time, incurable. Paige will have to live with the pain and disability of this condition for life.

She is already missing up to ten days a month of school and needs home tuition if she is to keep up with her classmates. She needs daily physiotherapy and hydrotherapy but currently gets just one 30 minute session a month. Her mobility is a constant issue and she needs a powered chair so she can have some independence. Currently, the NHS provides none of this.

To support her in her purpose and vision we need two things. Share the links to both the website and we need to raise funds to support her campaign.

Hit the donate button and you will have the opportunity to make a single donation or set up a direct debit to make a small monthly contribution. Just £5 a month will make an enormous difference.

As importantly, Paige wants to become a face and voice for all who suffer from CRPS. She wants to raise awareness of this condition and find ways to encourage and support and fund research into its causes and treatments.

You can support this effort by becoming a follower on Twitter (if you don’t have a Twitter account then do open one if all you do is follow Paige), become a friend on Facebook.

Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join the growing community who want to help Paige fulfil her dreams and help her make a difference.

Imagine – if we can get 100,000 people to donate just £5 the difference it would make would be spectacular. We can only do this with your help in spreading the word.  Thank You