Living within my flames

19th January mummy took me to a different hospital, Wexham Park, to get a second opinion. I guess they all figured out that the pain I was feeling was real. Again I was sent for yet more X-rays, this time I had 6 of them and they all came back saying “nothing broken”. I was given a splint to wear and again sent on our way with the “paracetamol for pain if it doesn’t settle down bluh bluh” speech. By this time my hand was changing colour it looked like it was cold all the time (one of the side effects we now know). Having anything touch my right hand was making the pain 100x worse. It got that bad I remember asking mummy to get the doctors to cut off my arm.

21st January I was taken back into Heatherwood Hospital as my hand had swollen that much I looked like I had little cocktail sausages for fingers. The nurse was so lovely and sweet to me she kept saying sorry every time she tried to touch me. I guess my screams of pain didn’t help her hearing that day. She reviewed all of my X-rays and got straight on the phone. Sitting in the same room as her I only heard one side of the conversation “emergency on call plastics team please….thank you…..hi this is…(I forgot her name) from Heatherwood walk-in clinic I have an 10 year old little girl here with extreme swelling to her right hand” she went on to explain the history “please hold on I’ll check…..mum how fast can you get Paige to Wexham Park?” “Ummmm I can ummmm as fast as I can” mummy replied I could see the panic on her face as her voice started to shake.

“Do you need blue lights to get you both there quickly? They want you there like yesterday!”

“No it’s ok I will go straight from here” mummy had regained herself and now she was working out in her head which way was best.

“Ok….yes I will….with the letter….yes I’ll do that now ….yes that’s it P A I G E R O D B A R D-Brown as in the colour…thank you” and she hung up the phone. It felt like we were scooped up out of our chairs and pushed out into the car park “take this letter to A&E main reception they will get you straight through” she said thrusting a brown envelope into mummy’s hand.

The next few minutes were a blur I remember getting in the car but not much else until I realised Daddy was now with us but no brothers and we were parking outside A&E at Wexham. True to her word we were rushed through main reception straight to the children’s A&E department. The nurse there was lovely too, she bleeped the plastics team 3 times before they got to us. After alot of faffing about, 4 hours worth, they decided to put me in a back slab and arrange an appointment in fracture clinic the following day. I guess you could say what happened next was cock up number 1. The male nurse who was putting my back slab on couldn’t read the doctors writing and no matter how many times Mummy and Daddy told him “YOU CAN’T TOUCH HER HAND!!! and SHE’S HERE FOR A BACK SLAB” he went ahead and pulled my hand around all over the place then put a FULL WRIST CAST on. We were handed an appointment card for fracture clinic the next day. Questions in the car where flying about. I found out the brothers where at home with Nan and Grandad watching them and that mummy and daddy were just as confused as I was to why I was going to fracture clinic when 10 X-rays, 4 A&E trips and countless doctors/ nurses all said the same thing “nothing’s broken”. I was in extreme amounts of pain that night not only from being pulled, pushed, prodded and poked but also because the cast was too tight with the swelling and it was TOUCHING MY SKIN!!!!