Living within my flames

22nd January I had to have the cast taken off and a “proper” one put on. Again I was pulled about and poked my fingers forced to bend and straighten. I thought I was going to pass out with the pain it was SOOOOOO bad. Every time mummy would say “you can’t touch her hand it is EXTREMELY painful” it was ignored, guess you could say cock up number 2 please.

The appointment went ok it was almost like “what are we meant to do with you” attitude though. Anyway I was told they would make a referral to “pain clinic” for me but I had to go back to fracture clinic the following week. It ended up I was in a FULL cast for 7 weeks. 4 weeks into wearing my cast the pain clinic appointment happened.

The doctor (and nurse really) looked at me like I was a drama queen and they both treated us like I was making up the pain to get out of school or something like that, I guess cock up number 3.

3 weeks later we went back to the pain clinic and this time we got to see a different doctor. I had my cast removed and sat waiting for the same look to appear on his face and for his eyes to roll back but they never came. He explained that my hand would be really really sensitive because of being in the cast for sooooo long and he gave us a follow up appointment to go back the following Friday 22nd March.