Living within my flames

Being 10 years old and still at school we now had to find a way of explaining my “illness” to everyone, school included. When we finally got home Daddy made me a bed on the sofa and Mummy hit the computer to research CRPS. The more they read about it the more guilt they felt. Mummy printed off lots of information and arranged a meeting with my head teacher to put in place some help/tools for me. See I’m right handed and its my right hand that has the CRPS. School were really really good they put in place a teaching assistant to help me write whilst I slowly learnt to write with my left hand.

Throughout the whole of March and April I had appointment after appointment being pulled prodded poked looked at with “drama queen” faces. At one physio appointment they had me playing walking stick hockey only being allowed to use my right hand. PAIN!!!!!

It was soon May and I was looking forward to my 11th birthday, I was going to the Royal Windsor Horse Show with Nan for my birthday treat, the same every year just like Daddy used to do when he was younger I love going. Only one hurdle to get over and that was pain clinic appointment with Dr Iyer.