Paige’s Dream

Ever since she contracted CRPS – one of the most painful and debilitating conditions imaginable – Paige has not displayed an ounce of self-pity. Indeed it has almost had the opposite effect.

An Interview with Page

It is thought that almost 80% of GP’s are unaware of CRPS and as a result many sufferers go undiagnosed. For Paige herself although she contracted the syndrome in January it was March before she met a doctor who understood what was happening to her. Before that she was told, “it was all in her head”.

CRPS affects around one in 4,000 people, yet so little is known about it’s causes and its treatment.

Paige wants to change this.

Her resolve, which is remarkable in one so young, is to change this forever.

But she can only do this with the support that people like you can provide.

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