Hi all,

this is Nicola, Paige’s mum at the moment Paige isn’t very well at all she is in a lot of pain with both of her shoulders, back, stomach, neck and is finding it more difficult to swallow as well as the “normal” pain in both of her legs and arms plus she is running a temperature of 102 (it’s coming down slowly!).  We are still fighting to raise the money for her electric wheelchair but it is looking more and more likely we are going to have to do some major remoulding of the house as Paige can no longer get around as well as she used too.   I guess I’m venting at the moment as it seems we are going around and around in circles and each time we get another nail into our foot to keep us there.  Fingers crossed the nails will be removed once we get to the RNHRD Bath.


In the words of our amazingly brave, strong and beautiful daughter Paige…..


Remember when you are down the only way is up and when you are up the view is amazing just like each and everyone one of you


take care of yourselves everyone may your pain be slight and your hearts be full


Nicola xx