Just a quick one

Good evening everyone, I just wanted to let you know what is going on now. We have been referred to Bath Hospital to see someone else about my CRPS I’m a little scared but I think that’s because of going back into the unknown again. Things are going good at the moment I am still up on my crutches. I’ve had quiet a few bad days but I have pushed through and carried on as best I can. I audtioned for a part in the school play but didn’t get very far it was a little gutting but there’s always the next one :-). My family are as they always are supporting and still battling to help me raise awareness and funding for CRPS. We have had a busy month so far, my baby brother made it to double figures, Mummy is a year older and my big brother finally made it to a teenager!!


Remember when you are down the only way is up and when you get up the view is amazing just like each and everyone of you


love and gentle hugs


Paige xxx